Board Recruitment and Development

Innovative Philanthropy understands and appreciates the complexity that can surround the addition of one or more new dynamic personalities to a Board of Directors. We are extremely sensitive to your needs and work closely with you to determine the specific criteria for membership in your organization. We pledge to help you identify and approach a diverse group of prospects that will embrace your mission and stand by you during tough times.  We will:

  • Interview the Executive Director and key Board Members.
  • Survey the full Board to ensure participation and agreement.
  • Develop the membership recruitment criteria in conjunction with the organization.
  • Define the expectations and commitment required for potential new Board members.
  • Develop and implement a Board recruitment strategy.
  • Create a Board recruitment timeline and action plan.
  • Identify a list of potential Board candidates who can help generate funding and are passionate and committed to the organization.
  • Prospect Board candidates.
  • Develop a strategy for reviewing and approaching candidates.
  • Advise Executive Director and Board members during entire recruitment and selection process.